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Now you can choose from many creatively conceived and purpose-designed accomodations, built for exceptional performance in the Hyderabad area to encompass a modern luxurious aura as you peer outside to the land of the Veda.

The rooms are chic and welcoming, ranging from Premium Suites to tents and dormitory-style living. The Kanha Shanti Vanam campus has limited rooms, suites, and apartments in its permanent buildings. The majority of the accommodations will be in high-quality luxury tents. India has many festivals every year, including the Kumbha Mela, and we will be setting up temporary, premium tents designed for comfort and constructed on above-ground platforms.


As you step foot into the tent you immediately feel at home. The tents are of various sizes, with various hotel room amenities, including electricity, comfortable beds and furnishings, lockers, and full bathrooms (sink, toilet, and shower). Most have AC as well. Laundry facilities will be available at a nominal cost.
The remainder of the rooms are dormitory-style spaces (40 beds per room) with communal bathrooms in the permanent buildings on campus. When you take a step out in the morning and feel the eastern wind flow through your hair as you enjoy your morning Yoga Asanas, you'll realize that there couldn't be a more charming inner Self experience.



The best part about this course is once you step foot onto the campus you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the multitude of services provided. All meals are on campus and these are not your regular meals.

Do you enjoy menus inspired and created in conjunction with renowned local chefs who bring you the best possible dining experience on campus? If "yes" you've come to the right place.


The best part about this course is once you step foot onto the campus you don’t have to do anything but enjoy. All meals are on campus and these are not your regular meals. 

The campus has a modern, state-of-the-art kitchen with dining facilities to accommodate well over 10,000 people in several halls. A large kitchen staff of cooks, waiters, and others will prepare both Indian and Continental vegetarian cuisine for the Assembly.

In addition, filtered and bottled water will be provided, both for dining and for room accommodations.

Our menus are inspired and created in conjunction with local renowned chefs who bring you the best possible course dining experience.

Image by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)


Listen to an enriching talk, indulge in a relaxing treatment, enjoy some downtime in your tent, share travel reminiscences with newly found friends: the options are numerous.

When you're not meditating, this course provides many opportunities for socializing based on the principles of knowledge and fun. Explore the expansive grounds where you can enjoy some discussion with the most fascinating people from around the globe. 




Joining 10,000 meditators from every corner of the globe to create a wave of peace and harmony throughout the world is an extraordinary experience. This gathering will include global leaders, scientists, and world-famous artists, all united in their dedication to creating a better world. Sharing Knowledge, offering programs, and sharing information that will inspire and educate you in technologies of consciousness to make life more full and live your greater potential.
Through daily group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program during these weeks, you will:
• Enhance your personal growth towards higher states of consciousness.
• Create greater coherence and unity in world consciousness, 
which scientific research has demonstrated produces more positive global trends and greater cooperation among world leaders to solve the many problems that our world faces today.

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